Monday, February 6, 2012

Ten things I LOVE right now!!!

It has been a while since my last 10 things I love post, here it is...

1. This cup! Omg the cutest thing I have ever gotten coffee in! ;)

2. My freshly painted living room at my new apartment.
3. Valentine's day! I love pink, red & hearts..what can I say?
4. Dresses! I looove dresses & I very rarely wear pants!
5. Sundrop (which is an addiction really! Lol!)
6. knee high boots & colorful tights. They go hand in hand!
6. The cutest leopard print VW beetle that I saw online the other day.. (my kids said they wouldn't ride in it if I got it though! Lol!)
7. Music.. Jaymay is one of my new FAVORITE artists! Her songs are magical!
8. My kids! I love my kids more then life & I am soooo thankful for them!
9. My new glasses! I can see again!!!
10. The mild Wisconsin winter we are having.. yes please!

My shop is open 10-6 today!! Happy Monday!! xoxo!

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