Thursday, October 31, 2013

Where to shop dainty daisies!

It has been awhile since I have updated my website with
a list of all the great shops that carry my handmade wares!
Here is the current list of where you can
find dainty daisies..
        ~*~ Anthology ~*~
     218 State st. Madison Wi.
      ~*~ The Regal find ~*~
               Middleton, Wi.
       ~*~  Wild Apple's ~*~
      302 8th st. Baraboo Wi.
  ~*~ Blue Moon Emporium~*~
         227 E. College ave.
 Appleton, Wi.
 ~*~ Klassy Kids ~*~
    Main st. downtown Oshkosh, Wi.

           ~*~ Mag Big ~*~
               Portland, Or.
            ~*~ I like you ~*~
 501 1st ave. NE Minneapolis, Mn.
~*~ Pinky's boutique~*~
             Janesville, Wi
 ~*~ Vintique ~*~
         downtown Neenah, Wi
   ~*~ The Waxwing ~*~
              Shorewood, Wi
  ~*~ Lolo's ~*~
        Water St, Sauk City, Wi
I am pretty excited about this list..since
closing my shop in April my
goal was to be in 12 stores by 2014!
I am close at 11! Yay! :)
I am also filling my holiday show schedule more
on that soon!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Just for fun!

The other day I mentioned
to my boyfriend that we should put
a teepee in our living room!
His response... "sure"!
There are so many reasons why I love him
but that is one of them! ;)
Our conversation quickly
turned into lets make our own,
for our kids.. for Christmas!
Here are a few that I found on pinterest!
I definitely love the lace & the lights!

I am pretty sure we will have to add
feathers to our teepee! 

I love this one too & it has a tutorial!
I am excited!!!
Happy Monday!! xo!
p.s. I have been busy stocking stores &
getting ready for my holiday shows! Yikes!!
November is almost here!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Arrow LOVE & thermos Rosies ♥

I recently purchased some new fabric!
I have a small obsession with arrow prints
& then THE thermos print!
Goodness I don't even know what to say..
I am in love!  ♥
I made some new Rosies & bowties out of these
prints (bowties/hair bows not shown)
Of course in dainty daisies true fashion
I must use up every piece of scrap
so I made the CUTEST
arrow button earrings!

I am working on stocking
shops then stock for the holiday
show that I have coming up!
I will not be at the market the next two Saturdays,
actually I may be done unless the last few Saturdays
in October are super warm!
Stay tuned! I will be filling up
my etsy shop & shops with
goodies for you to buy! :)
Happy Friday!! xo!