Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New bags & Flutter tanks on the way .........

I just sent out a box filled with extra special goodies to The Glitter Workshop in Madison! They should be there soon~ new skirts, bags and flutter tanks! Go and check them out! Their shop is super cute and they have lots of handmade goodness :)

Monday, February 26, 2007

LET IT SNOW ..........

Wow ~ what a weekend! Between Friday and Sunday this is the result of a massive snow storm!I am sooo ready for spring! Oh well~ the kids had a blast, Jake made them a sledding hill off of their swing set and they were out there for hours!I just had to get some pictures~ besides the mess snow makes to drive in an shovel ect. ahem we have two properties to shovel and clear! uuuggh! anyhow~ I love how it looks on the trees! It really is beautiful!

Also New things are on the way to The Glitter Workshop (see my previous post) !

Friday, February 23, 2007

On the way to Glitter!

That is on the way to The Glitter Workshop (E. Johnson st. Madison) I will be sending some new skirts ( shown in pics) Some flutter sleeve tanks and bags to them! I am really excited! I tested out the skirts which are a new style,made from vintage fabrics at the Craftacular! They almost sold out! I have one as well~ and they are soo comfy and soo cute! They will be there sometime next week! ( www.glitterworkshop.com )We are supposed to get a pretty big snowstorm and freezing rain! Yuck!!! Good weekend to finish up my taxes and book work~ yuck too! Happy Friday Everyone!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Neatly folded fabric ~ spring inspiration!

I just finished organizing and cleaning out my sewing room! I have a looooot of fabric! I guess you could say an addiction ahem. ;) At least it is a good one! I have lots of new ideas buzzing thru my head! It feels like spring is on the way! Yeah! I don't think that will last too long~ there is a snow storm that is supposed to make its way this weekend! anyhow~ better get busy while the spring inspiration lasts! I have several bags cut out ready to sew and I am working on new skirts for the shop, flutter tanks & baby doll tops! ♥

Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Weekend ~ Thrifting and all !

I love weekends where I feel like I get a lot done! yeah! For those of you who may not know, I do not sew on the weekends. When I started my business I made that a rule so I didn't get overwhelmed :) Well some days I am still overwhelmed, but I feel very blessed. This weekend got off to a great start, Jake came home and I was out the door for a quick run to the thrift store. I found a great pitcher and bowl set~ very springy, sooo cute with lil' flowers and butterflies all over! I also scored a bunch of great vintage fabric for sooo cheap! I could not beleive it! and the best yet a little vintage table cloth with bunnies all over and two matching napkins for my kids! yeah! I love vintage table cloths and aprons (a small weakness of mine) I also stopped at Sweet Usoapia on Saturday and restocked all of my t-shirts (FYI anyone going to the next gallery walk Misha and I discussed a sale on scarves and tee's better check it out! ) To finish our weekend off Jake and I took Jada and Max ice skating! ooohh how much fun did we have! I have not been skating since, well a really long time!!! lol! hence the sore legs today! hehe! I was also so proud of Jada , she fell a few times, got a little wet from the ice and kept going~ she was doing sooo well for her first time! now for Max he didn't want much to do with it! He is my shy one and a Mama's boy at that (not that I mind, really ??)*smiles* He did try a few times and got a little scared~ so he sat on the side with his popcorn and lemonade and had a blast watching Jake and I take turns skating with Jada! I think we will defintly go ice skating again! How much fun!!! I hope you all had a blessed weekend! I will be posting a new bag in my etsy shop and a couple flutter tee's (I am having some problems getting on etsy so hopefull by this afternoon they will be up! I also spent most of Saturday cleaning my sewing room! I mean cleaning! I got rid of sooo much stuff~ old fabric ect. so off to thrift store to recycle what I can't use right now! I will have to take a pic. of my sewing room soon! My neatly folded fabric by color and organized supplies has me quite inspired! New spring skirts on the way :) Have a great Monday Everyone!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wristlets, ponytail holders oh My! New items in Etsy shop!

I just finished an update in my etsy shop! I added 3 new wristlets made from beautiful vintage fabrics and handmade buttons (my new addiction! LOL) and some new pony tail holders! I hope to add some new flutter sleeve tanks to the shop this weekend! Please email me with any questions! I have some auctions on ebay, cleaning out my sewing room and old inventory! (great bargains) Happy FRIDAY!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

ooohhh I looove Valentine's day!!! I love pink and hearts and sparkles! I suprised Jada and Max with some little goodies today and some fun lil' mailboxes filled with valentine's from Jake and I. I hope your day is filled with warmth and love! Happy Valentine's day Everyone!!!


~*~ new things in my etsy shop, be sure to check them out! ~*~

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog! I have created this site to keep my friends and family not to mention potiential customers updated on my handmade clothing and accessories! I may also post a few vintage thrift finds! Enjoy!