Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New website in the works!

I am so soooo excited! 
I have been working on my new website! 
I have a bit of work to do but here is a sneak peek! 

I can't wait to launch it.. hopefully by
this weekend if all goes well. 

I am really in love with the
simple new look annnnd
you will be able 
to shop right from my
website! Yay!

I will let you all know
when it's up & running!
until then ... 

Enjoy! xo! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Spring snap scarves!

I have a little down time
until the farmer's market starts 
soooo I decided to
list a few of my spring snap scarves 
in my etsy shop! :)

I have 5 new prints & 6 available total!
I will galdly combine shipping & 
if you live in Oshkosh we can 
arrange a pick up or meet to save
on shipping. 

Head on over & take a peek..
or click on the link in
the side bar! 

Enjoy! xo! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Spring flapper girl headbandsin my etsy shop!

I just listed 8 new Spring vintage
inspired flapper girl headbands
in my etsy shop!

I will be restocking brick & mortar shops
with new styles as well!

We are getting sooo excited for 
farmer's market season!

Be sure to save the date!!! 
Opening market date is Saturday
June 18th from 8-12:30 for the 
Downtown Appleton Farmer's market!

Flapper girl headbands are 
hand sewn, made from up cycled
t-shirts that I have washed & dried!

They are adorable on everyone.. long
or short hair! :)

If you can't wait til the market starts
head on over to my etsy shop & snag one
(link on the side bar) or stop at the
 many wonderful handmade
boutiques that carry my wares!

Happy Tuesday friends! xo!

p.s. I will be listing new snap scarves soon as well!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello May & Mother's day weekend!

We had a wonderful Mother's day weekend!
My in laws came & spent most of the day with us.
The boys played on the trampoline, 
& we ate lunch out doors on our
new DIY table! 

I was showered with flowers,
 hand written notes
cards, instagram posts from my son...
I feel very loved!  

They look beautiful on 
our dining room table! :)

DIY table...

Bill & I made this table
the other day. We used an old door
 that my friends neighbor was
throwing out (it was original to his
house & over 100 years old)

It's solid wood (very heavy) & I love it!! 
We kept the original
paint & just sealed it. 

We attached it to (believe it or not)
an old table base that we
found in the basement of our house!

The cost of the  table = FREE, even the screws (also from a 
huge tool box in our basement). 

Our chairs all second hand, vintage. 
The padded 70s one are my 
favorites. We bought them
at an estate sale last summer for $1
each & they have the original
owners name written on them. 

The family was sooo happy that we
were buying them & would actually use them as
they were their grandparents/parents
favorite chairs. 
They are super comfy too! 

I hope you all had a great weekend!
I am spending the rest of May 
gearing up for the farmers market 
in downtown Appleton
next Month. 

Hello May!!!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Friday... life lately!

Life as of lately....

I found this cute guy at the
thrift store for $2. He is getting a make over
& flowers for our garden. 

Another sweet thrifted find that I painted
& planted some pretty pink petunias in. 
I have been itching to garden
with the lovely weather we
are currently enjoying. 
I know.. baby steps. We do
live in Wisconsin. ;)

Lizzie is doing well & adjusting to our home
quite nicely!Her new favorite spot
is in our bay window. She 
can be found there in her bed most days!

The teller at my bank gave me this flower
today & said "Happy Mother's day Michelle, 
Have a great weekend!" I told her that really made my day
& I drove off crying! 
It's the littlest things that can make a difference in
someones day! I have to deal with some
unpleasant things in my life as we all do
but some days are challenging &
this is exactly what I needed today!

Happy Mother's day weekend 
to all the Mama's out there &
to everyone have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Welcome Lizzie Bennet!

We have been a bit busy over here
snuggling with this sweet girl &
making her feel welcome
in our home! 

We recently adopted (well fostering
for a few weeks until we make it official) a 
7 year old Siamese mix kitty
named Lizzie Bennet!

We are absolutely smitten with her!

She is particularly fond of Bill! 
I think he spoils her just a bit & she is up
to greet him every morning when he gets
ready for work!

The weather was beautiful the other 
day so we had the windows open
 & she loves sitting in the windows!

She was helping me shop for a cat condo but
we have yet to commit to one. ;)

They all seem to be getting along just fine..
Dexter still is a little unsure but 
he is also my baby & gets a little
jealous! All was well with 
our little pet family the other night. Lizzie
in the window, Bugsy on the dog bed &
Dexter in the chair! 

This picture makes my heart melt.
Bugsy & Lizzie were 
snuggling last night. She was all
stretched out at one point on him. 

I bought her the new yellow
collar with the flower on it! 
I love that I can get her girly kitty things 
& I am not a bling person (which is all that seems to
be out there for kitties) so
this was perfect! The collar
is from Target for $3.99.

Happy Wednesday friends! xo!