Friday, February 26, 2016

Time Flies!!!! Happy Friday!

The past month or so has been quite a whirlwind!
I organized Fall in Love with handmade-
an urban craft fair that was held a few weeks ago
in coordination with the Heart of the Winter
Celebration, a fundraiser for 
The Day by Day warming shelter in Oshkosh.

We were able to donate over $900 just from
our part! It was a great day & such a great event for 
a great cause! 

Here is a little recap of the past month... 

I found this amazing vintage Irish fabric &
was able to make 4 snap cowls out 
of it! :) I sold a few & now they
are available in my etsy shop!

My husband & I started a side business..
Thrifty-Fox. We make soy wax candles
in recycled beer bottles & vases out of 
liquor bottles like the Jameson
 one shown below(of course I kept that one)!

Here is my hubby set up at Fall in Love with 
handmade at our Thrifty-Fox booth! :)

I started making Wisconsin Coffee
cozies! They were a big hit at the show &
I am working hard to catch up!

Next up.. Saturday March 5th, Discovery World, 
10-5 for the Maker Market in Milwaukee!
 We will have all of my accessories &
our candles at my booth! 
See you there!!! xo!

Happy Friday!