Thursday, January 29, 2015


You can find me here
next Saturday selling my wares along
with many of my crafty pals!

I will have lots of new flannel skirts,
scarves, accessories &
I am even pondering a little sale! :)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Words to live by...

Happy Monday friends! xo!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

We went to a chapel & got married....

I have been wanting
to blog about our beautiful wedding
this past summer.
We were married July 27th
at cute park with a little chapel
& hall just north of Milwaukee.
My best friend took
all of the photo's shown, she is such
a talented photographer &
captured so many special moments.
Dress: TJMaxx
headband: handmade by me
earrings: handmade by me
My husbands James Bond inspired
suit: JcPenney's, Kohls & Tie bar

My Mom did my hair which
meant alot to me..she
hasn't helped me with my hair since
I was little. She did a great job!
I did my own make-up. I kept
it very simple & natural.

I will have to show details
in another post but
my husband had really cool
fox cuff links.

All of our kids stood up for us.
We had adult witnesses but
We wanted the kids to be a big part of
the day!

My friend Laurie (also the photographer)
helped me with the backdrop.
It was her ruffle curtain & I
had made a bunch of white pendant
flags to hang on it.
It was perfect!
Our reception was
in the hall right next to the chapel.
Which was awesome!
There was a park for the kids to
play.. we had soooo many kids at
our wedding! :)
We went with a picnic theme..
so of course red & white gingham
tablecloths, high quality paper plates
& we splurged on the wood silverware.
Which is now kind of a joke.
We spent more on the silverware
then on some of the major details! Lol!
We also had red solo cups &
the flowers were from Trader Joe's.
I would highly recommend them.
More on the details soon..
We made soooo many of the
decorations that I
will have to have a bog post just about that!

My husband made our cake
 from scratch which
was a cheesecake (my fav.)
& I added the strawberries!
Our cake toppers were a little
pair of foxes that I had
thrifted a few years ago
shortly after I met him &
they are sitting on a little paper doily.

We didn't have a band but I did
bring my record player which
also happened to belong to my late
Grandpop. It was amazing, music
was playing the entire time. We brought
our record collection &
people kept changing them out!
It was quite impressive that it never really stopped!
It was such a perfect day!
Even with the massive downpour that
happened during the ceremony
& the crack of thunder that
struck right as
in my vows I told my husband
that he was the "calm to my storm"! ♥
I will be back with
a part 2 & probably 3  soon!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

NEW YEAR new sale...

I am having another sale
to make room for new skirts &
scarves in my etsy shop..
Please use coupon code
at check out for 20%
off everything
now until Friday!

I also just relisted these adorable
arrow earrings! I thought
I was out of the fabric but
I just found a bunch
more!!! Yay!!
Happy Wednesday friends! xo!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentine's day inspiration...

I love Valentine's day.. always
have, always will. I think
it's something about pink, red
 & hearts.
It's also a gloomy time of year in
Wisconsin so for me
it just brings a little happiness
& cheer!
I pinned a few simple &
cute ideas that could add some
Valentines love to
your home.

Simple mason jars with
paper doilies, paper hearts &
some bakers twine!
I would add a little tea light for
some simple romantic lighting!

I make these cute garlands all
the time. Mine is
made of felt but you could use
paper, fabric ect.
If you can sew use a simple stitch
to connect them
or you could
glue two hearts on
to string as well.
My husband &
I have this print in our bathroom.
It's a great reminder to
love our relationship.
When I tell him
I love him he sometimes
replies with "I love us"!
We have both been married
before & have figured us out...
we really do love "us"!
**all images found via pinterest.
& the I love us is a
free download. :) **
Enjoy! xo!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

New flannel skirts!

 I just listed 12 new skirts
in my etsy shop!
They are all made from fun
flannel prints & have
a elastic waist!
Most will fit a small/medium but
I have a few that will fit medium/large
be sure to read the measurements.

I also will be listing a few scarves
that will match the skirts.. there are
a few in my etsy shop already!
If you would like a matching scarf &
don't see it let me know.
I can work with you to custom
make one!

I hope I can keep this productivity up all
of 2015!
I have been making like mad
but I am still not caught up
on restocks &
getting inventory ready for my
upcoming shows. ;)
Head on over to my etsy
shop & check out all of my new


Wednesday, January 14, 2015


January inspiration...
I have the itch to cut off all
of my hair! It's been over a year!
I think its a record for me.
I love this cute cut...
... my husband & I are currently
obsessed with Tiny homes!
I like the idea of living simple
& really enjoying life!
I have never really
been a fan of big houses
& I find it intriguing
 to live in a space
under 200 sq ft.
Plus the homes are sooo cute, stylish
& many look so cozy!

  I wonder if I could fit this cute sewing
space in a Tiny home?
I guess I would have to. ;) I think
a vintage/retro Tiny home
space would be in store for us!

On to work stuff! ;)
I have been busy sewing up more flannel
skirts for a etsy shop update,
hopefully by Friday.
I am also getting inventory
made & sent out to shops after a
crazy, busy holiday season!
p.s. If you would like
to join my mailing list
I only send out about 1 or 2 emails a month
& you can unsubscribe anytime.
I will notify you of shows,
sales in my etsy shop & new items! :)
Have a great day! xo!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fabric button earrings..

I started working on restocks to
send out soon to some of
the boutiques
that carry my wares but
found myself out of half of the supplies I needed.
No worries though, they are
on their way. So I took the afternoon
& photographed a few pairs
of my fabric button earrings.

They are nickel free & are $6 a pair.
I have them listed in my etsy shop.
There is a break on shipping if you buy
more then one pair. ;)

I made up some really cute
Valentine themed earrings
that I think came out
really cute!
annnnnd if you order today they are 15%
off with code LOVEHANDMADE
at checkout!
Have a great weekend! Bundle up
& stay warm if you are in Wisconsin!
It's freezing outside!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New year, new handmade goods!

I will be a vendor
at the
8th annual Valentine
Craftacular in Madison!
I am excited to debut a whole
bunch of new handmade

I am just started to
get back into making again..
after taking a little time off.
I have been sketching &
dreaming off all sorts of new products
for the new year!
Here is one of my newest items...
Rosie wraps! They
are twice as long as my
standard Rosies & wrap around then tie
on the side, or back with a bow or knot.

I am off to the fabric store this afternoon
then I am hoping to make up a bunch
to add to my etsy shop.
You can also see them in person
in February! :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New year!!! Welcome 2015!!

This past year has definitely had its up & downs!
I am ready & excited for a fresh new year!
 I cant wait to see what 2015 has to offer!
I hope it is a prosperous, creative year full of love & happiness!
I am slowly getting back into making mode as
 I had a crazy busy December &
then I got the flu over Christmas!
I am happy to be healthy again & re inspired.
 I guess with that being said I have decided to cancel
Fall in Love with handmade this year!
I just don't have the time to devote to the show &
 the changes that I would like to make.
It doesn't mean it wont happen again, we are just taking a break this year!
I am hoping to make some new changes to my website,
blog & of course my handmade wares! Stay tuned!
Happy 2015 friends! xo!