Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The little farmer...

I thought I would share a little bit of my
Sunday day trip to The Little Farmer!
I have been taking my kids there since they were
pretty little!
It was a beautiful Fall day & we
had lots of fun.. caramel apples & all!
My daughter took some great photos
with her Ipod! I always make them stand by the
apple sign to measure their height each year!

Max... just being Max! ;)

Jada saved this poor goat.. his head was stuck
in the fence!!!

Jada & I taking a pretty cute self portrait! Haha!

Jada doing .. uh tire gymnastics! Lol!
We had so much fun.. it was a great day for a little drive!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

The 3rd annual Handmade for the Holidays urban craft fair!!

 My good friends at Art City Signs
design the poster for the show each year!
I can't wait.. I have been a crafting maniac!

 Save the date!!! :)

The posters are in!!! Happy Friday!!

Handmade for the Holidays posters are in!!!
3 weeks in counting!
I can't wait!!
(I did instagram the photo..
so the posters are so bright & vibrant in person!)
Shop hours are 10-6 today!
Have a great weekend!! xo!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I have been busy!

I have been busy, busy working on restocking
all the other stores that I sell at before the holidays..
These lovelies are headed to Minneapolis soon!

I have been making hair bows for the last few days..
each one is hand cut & sewn by me! :)

& did I mention that Handmade for the Holidays
is only 3 weeks away! Yikes!
I have so much to do.. back to work for me!!
Shop hours are 10-6 today! xo!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A special thank you from Jenny & Mike!

I received the best thank you card from my friend
Jenny & her husband Mike.
Many of you who follow my blog may remember
that amazing wedding that I went to in Cedarburg.
Yep these two amazing people are the happily married
couple & Jenny used to be a dd shop girl! :)
I gifted them some awesome vintage items
as well as this custom bow tie & matching hair bow
that I made them!
They took a pic. of them wearing it &
sent it in the thank you card!
OMG! Sooo cute!
I also have to say thank you.. THANK YOU to the ladies who
cash mobbed my store yesterday!
I appreciate it sooo much! :)
If you would like to learn more about cash mobs
check out this website!
It can make a huge difference! xo!

New candles...

Happy Wednesday!
I made some new candles..
I found these adorable bowls the other day!
Two are Vanilla Hazlenut & the other is Banana nut.
I have been busy making lots of new goodies for the
other shops I sell at! I am getting ready to work on
holiday goodies soon as Handmade for the Holidays is just
around the corner & the holidays
will be here before we know it!
The $5. vintage rack is still set up in the classroom..
hurry in, there is a lot of great vintage in there!
Have a great day! Shop hours are 10-6 today!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Handmade for the Holidays!!

Handmade for the Holidays is less then 1 month away!!
I am so excited!
Check out the vendor list on my website.. (Handmade for the holidays)
Shop hours are 10-6 today! xo!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Regina Spektor LIVE!!!!

I can hardly believe it.. but I get to see
Regina Spektor LIVE
tomorrow night in Milwaukee with
3 of my good friends! :)
This is one of my all time favorite Regina songs!
Enjoy! xo! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Jada Rayne!!!

Happy 13th Birthday to my beautiful
daughter Jada!
I am so proud of her,,, she is smart, funny, kind &
the best daughter a Mom could ask for!

13 years ago on
a rainy "sweetest" day I was blessed with the most
beautiful black haired, blue eyed baby girl!
It's hard to believe how fast she has grown up!
Time sure does fly!
p.s. Jada means goodness & if you know
her she is nothing but goodness!
She has truly has a heart of gold..
I am one lucky Mama!
Happy Birthday Jada!  
xo, Mom!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A few things that I LOVE right now..

A few things that I am LOVING right now..
my new Fox shirt from Anthropologie!
(I am actually wearing it right now!)
Cowls! I can not live without my cowl!
I have one like this but chunkier
& a earthy brown!
I love it!

I need these FRYE boots!

Fall is one of my very
favorite seasons! I love all the colorful leaves!

 I am a coffee addict.. &
I love a good white Chocolate mocha!

Happy Saturday!
What are you loving right now?

Friday, October 12, 2012

My new "house" dress!

I had to share my new dress designed by
Elsie of A Beautiful Mess
 for Modcloth!
Elsie is a small business owner/designer in Missouri &
Modcloth is a small online business based in Pittsburgh PA!
Is it not the cutest?
It's definitly my happy dress! :)

Food for thought...

I feel it's my job as a small business/boutique owner to remind everyone to support your local small businesses! I am now a single mother of 2 that is self employed with no child support..
while this is my choice. I find a lot of people, friends talking about groupon.. copy cat ideas.. walmart.. ect! It makes me cringe, those type of things do not help people like me..
while sales are down & I am still doing fine.. alot of the other business owners
I know are hurting as well.
While we focus on our crappy economy try to support your local Mom & Pop stores.. because if you don't we will all be gone.. what will be left? Walmart?? That will be your only option!
Make a conscious decision of where to spend your money. It is more important now then ever!
By supporting my business & other local small businesses,
the money we make goes right back into our
local Wisconsin economy & allowing us to
support other small business instead of buying that
2nd home for some big box store CEO!
p.s. I do understand that we do have to shop at box store from time to time..
but there are other options out there!
On that note Happy Friday! :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New handmade wood button & feather accessories!

I made up some adorable hair clips our of handmade
wood buttons & feathers!
I think they turned out so cute!

Hair pins are $5 ea.

I made a few cute headbands as well..
each headband is unique & only $10 ea.

Shop hours are 10-6 today!
Stop in & see what is new!!!
Have a great day! xo!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New rosette rings.. infinity scarves & tonight is Craft Night!

It's that time of year! Brrr! Time to cozy up
in warm hats, arm warmers & scarves!
We have all of those things at the shop..
& they are all handmade by Wisconsin artists!
Vanessa of Baily Belle just sent a nice new batch of super cute &
warm infinitly scarves like the one
shown below!
She also restocked her large rosette rings!
They are soo much fun &
made with recycled fabric!

Perfect for Fall.. she sent a few more acorn necklaces too!
I love them sooo much! :)

REMINDER!!! Tonight is Craft night! We will be making the
headband shown below as well as a cute
wool felt fall garland! Stop in anytime
from 4-7pm & craft with us.
Cost is $8 per project.
First come, first serve, while supplies last!

The shop will be open til' 7pm tonight! Feel free
to stop by & shop during craft night if you are
not feeling crafty!
Have a great day! xo! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life is too short...

I just heard that a friend (facebook friend) was killed
in a bicycling accident yesterday!
I went to all of middle & highschool with her.
She found me on facebook over a year
ago & we would make comments on each other posts ect.
She loved biking & seemed like she was living her life to the fullest!
My heart goes out to her family!
This is just a little reminder.. or maybe it
should be a BIG reminder..
Life is too short... do what you love, surround yourself with love &
cut out all the bad stuff in your life!
You deserve it! xo! 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Change of plans .....

There has been a slight change of plans for today!
One of my best friends just relocated her
shop to Atwood ave. in Madison!
I do not only love that neighborhood (I lived there..
many many years ago)
I am one of her featured artists & it's gallery night in Madison!
Not too mention..
the shop has been a little quiet this week &
I woke up with a hoarse voice!
I will be closing at 4 & heading down to Madison to show
my support for Naomi & her new shop home!
You should come! There is a lot to do in Madison!
We will be open 10-4 tomorrow!
Have a great weekend!! xoxo!

The cutest vintage dress ever! Happy Friday!!! xo!

Happy Friday!
I recently purchased some really great vintage dresses & skirts!
I love this dress! "sigh" If only
it fit me.. so lucky you
it's up for sale at my shop! :)
Shop hours are 10-6 today! xo!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Craft Night Wednesday October 10th 4-7pm!

Craft Nights are BACK! :)
Next Wednesday October 10th stop in from 4-7pm
& make your own..
feather headband with a handmade wood button.. $8. ea
You can also make a cute fall wool felt leaf garland!
(I borrowed this pic from Pinterest)
Garlands will be $8 as well with a limit of 20 leaves!
I just ordered a bunch of great colors!
You can pick & choose your own color combo.
I will show you how to hand stitch it
all together with pretty embroidery thread.
No registration needed! First come first serve
& while supplies last!
Happy Fall! xo!

New Wisconsin LOVE onesies!!!

 I just got in the most ADORABLE
hand screen printed
onesies out of Madison!
We have both styles in many sizes!!!
 Thank you all soooo much for stopping in during Octoberfest!
We had a AWESOME day!
This week is flying by! We have so much to do & much restocking as
alot of our inventory is handmade!
If I get all my paperwork done today I will try to
post a sample for our next craft night which will be
October 10th from 4-7!
Have a great day!! xo! Shop hours are 10-6 today!