Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Dexter!!!

Happy Birthday Dexter! We got Dexter in October as a surprise for my daughter's 11th birthday! He is a pug/Mi-ki mix!

He is quite naughty.. he likes to chew on my 1950's vintage chair.. flip flops & small objects! It is sometimes like having a baby all over again!

This pic. is from the day we brought him home...

He was eyeing up the tree at my old shop! Lol! I do have one of him chewing on it too!

They really are best friends! Buster is my 8 yr old yellow lab! They snuggle all the time!! It is the cutest thing ever! Dexter also gets Buster running around & playing by biting at Busters tail then running away.. it is so funny & cute!

Dexter loves to snuggle.. whines when I go down stairs (he won't go down stairs) eats really fast.. loves to chew & his new things is he LOOOOVES walks.. he also will go outside just to get a treat (not go potty, just go outside)! I can't imagine life without my little smushy face.. aka mushy.. aka mush mush! Lol! We do call him all those names & he does answer to mushy! :)

Happy Birthday Dexter!! xoxo!

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Chelsea Talks Smack said...

Oh my goodness- I want one.