Monday, January 4, 2010

MUSTACHE mugs!!!!!

New... Mustache mugs!!! Thanks to Josh & Carla for the BEST christmas gift ever.. sheets of vinyl mustaches! :) I know I am sooo easily pleased! The mustaches are vinly stickers on vintage mugs! Sooo cute! Come in and get yours today.. they are going fast!

I have sooo many new things to share... can't wait!

Happy Monday! xo!

p.s. Thanks Jenny for modeling the mustache mug! ;)


Kim said...

Love them!!

I have a little shop in Manitowoc called Persimmons and have heard so much about your store! I cannot wait until I can make a little trip to see your store!


thrifty-fox said...

Thanks Kim! I have heard alot about your shop too.. and I REALLY want to take a day trip to Mantiwoc! I would love for you to come see my shop! xo!