Thursday, January 14, 2010

I "heart" Alis!

So yes.. I have become a smitten Blythe owner! I looove her.. I have been having so much fun dreaming up new designs for her! Last night Jada really wanted to sew and she has been asking me ALOT.. well now that she is 10 1/2 I am thinking for Easter I will get her a basket of patterns and all the neccessities to make her own Blythe doll clothes! How fun right???

Last night we sat down and made a skirt, headband & she made the cute skirt w/ the tree print.. I just guided. It was fun! I can't wait to do more with her!

Sorry for the dark pics.. My sewing room does not have the best light and my camera seams to be taking really bad pics. lately hmmmm...

Have a great day! xo!

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