Monday, January 11, 2010

The best Monday EVER!!!!!

Today started off a little rough & I was filled with anxiety! I had to report to Jury duty! Well.. that actually worked out, they settled out of court and I am off the hook for the rest of the week! I was done by 9:00am! I went home and saw the mailman on his way... he delivered my Blythe!!! Omg... I looove her and she came all the way from Hong kong with in about a week!!! I have been wanting one for a loooong time and admiring other bloggers who have them! "sigh" Well now I have one and I secretly ordered one for my daughter as well for Valentine's day! I found a really affordable one on ebay.. we'll see I have not gotten it yet!

ok.. next I went thrifting in hopes to find a cute closet to store clothes in ect. and I found this...Can you believe it ???(I have not cleaned it up yet) It is great, perfect and the best thing is I have big plans to make it really cute & fun for Jada & I!

Last but not least if my day couldn't really get any better... I found the sweetest pair of vintage Lefton deer & about a dozen vintage dresses. I have plans to alter the dresses and make them really cute to resell at the shop! Big plans I tell you!!!

ok.. I am off to eat some lunch, clean my sewing room and maybe play with my Blythe! Did you know there are some AMAZING clothes for Blythe on Etsy and most are handmade!!! (Most.. some are questionable!)

Have a great day!!! xo


Unknown said...

You Lucky Duck!!! I havent had the thrift gods on my side lately! I want that case, if you ever upgrade, keep me in mind! *smile*

thrifty-fox said...

Me neither.. I think that is why today was so AWESOME! It has been a long time coming!! :)