Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's day!!!

I wanted to send out a special little "Happy Father's day" to my husband Jake. He really is the BEST Dad! He does so much for me & the kids! I am really lucky to have him in my life.
I am feeling a bit sappy.. mostly because he has been gone all week with work. He comes home tonight! Yay!

(this photo is from last summer at his Grandparents trailer in Chetek.. we didn't get to go this year but it is one of our very favorite places to go!)

I also have been thinking about my Dad alot too. He is exactly 30 yrs older then me.. haha that is how I remember his age. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes & I am just so proud of my Dad! He has changed his diet & watches what he eats as well as his blood sugar! I love you Dad! You are the greatest! You not only lived in Philly (& growing up in New Jersey) which makes anyone cool in my book you taught us (me & my sisters) to be who we are! I am soo glad you are my Dad!

Have a Happy Father's day!

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