Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Welcome Lizzie Bennet!

We have been a bit busy over here
snuggling with this sweet girl &
making her feel welcome
in our home! 

We recently adopted (well fostering
for a few weeks until we make it official) a 
7 year old Siamese mix kitty
named Lizzie Bennet!

We are absolutely smitten with her!

She is particularly fond of Bill! 
I think he spoils her just a bit & she is up
to greet him every morning when he gets
ready for work!

The weather was beautiful the other 
day so we had the windows open
 & she loves sitting in the windows!

She was helping me shop for a cat condo but
we have yet to commit to one. ;)

They all seem to be getting along just fine..
Dexter still is a little unsure but 
he is also my baby & gets a little
jealous! All was well with 
our little pet family the other night. Lizzie
in the window, Bugsy on the dog bed &
Dexter in the chair! 

This picture makes my heart melt.
Bugsy & Lizzie were 
snuggling last night. She was all
stretched out at one point on him. 

I bought her the new yellow
collar with the flower on it! 
I love that I can get her girly kitty things 
& I am not a bling person (which is all that seems to
be out there for kitties) so
this was perfect! The collar
is from Target for $3.99.

Happy Wednesday friends! xo! 

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