Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello May & Mother's day weekend!

We had a wonderful Mother's day weekend!
My in laws came & spent most of the day with us.
The boys played on the trampoline, 
& we ate lunch out doors on our
new DIY table! 

I was showered with flowers,
 hand written notes
cards, instagram posts from my son...
I feel very loved!  

They look beautiful on 
our dining room table! :)

DIY table...

Bill & I made this table
the other day. We used an old door
 that my friends neighbor was
throwing out (it was original to his
house & over 100 years old)

It's solid wood (very heavy) & I love it!! 
We kept the original
paint & just sealed it. 

We attached it to (believe it or not)
an old table base that we
found in the basement of our house!

The cost of the  table = FREE, even the screws (also from a 
huge tool box in our basement). 

Our chairs all second hand, vintage. 
The padded 70s one are my 
favorites. We bought them
at an estate sale last summer for $1
each & they have the original
owners name written on them. 

The family was sooo happy that we
were buying them & would actually use them as
they were their grandparents/parents
favorite chairs. 
They are super comfy too! 

I hope you all had a great weekend!
I am spending the rest of May 
gearing up for the farmers market 
in downtown Appleton
next Month. 

Hello May!!!

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