Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Friday... life lately!

Life as of lately....

I found this cute guy at the
thrift store for $2. He is getting a make over
& flowers for our garden. 

Another sweet thrifted find that I painted
& planted some pretty pink petunias in. 
I have been itching to garden
with the lovely weather we
are currently enjoying. 
I know.. baby steps. We do
live in Wisconsin. ;)

Lizzie is doing well & adjusting to our home
quite nicely!Her new favorite spot
is in our bay window. She 
can be found there in her bed most days!

The teller at my bank gave me this flower
today & said "Happy Mother's day Michelle, 
Have a great weekend!" I told her that really made my day
& I drove off crying! 
It's the littlest things that can make a difference in
someones day! I have to deal with some
unpleasant things in my life as we all do
but some days are challenging &
this is exactly what I needed today!

Happy Mother's day weekend 
to all the Mama's out there &
to everyone have a great weekend! 

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