Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Thrifty succulents!

I found the cutest faux succulents at
the most unexpected place...
the family dollar store! 

They were a $1 each!
I did remove them from their not
so cute containers however &
planted them in 
the cutest vintage planter that
I picked up for $1 as well. 

I decided to plant them in dirt. 
in hopes to make them look real.
 I am in love with the 
look of succulents but 
I have never been 
able to keep them alive! 
This was a great inexpensive alternative
to real plants. 

Now to find something for
 the deer planter. Maybe a cute herb
of some sort?

I am really, really happy with the
look of this little corner
of our breezeway! 


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