Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad (Papa)!!!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! He is 67 today! I have the BEST Dad in the world.. he is quite funny, cracking jokes all the time. I have quite an interesting upbringing.. growing up in a small town of about 6000, but having parents who grew up in New Jersey changes everything! I remember all the road trips in our wood grain station wagon, with My Dad, Mom & us three girls in the back heading out East for summer vacations! :)

I love the stories my Dad tells of his days in Philly & Moorestown! I am so glad he is my Dad! He is also an excellent Papa (Grandpa) to my kids! :)

(I wanted to share a pic of my Dad & I when I was little but I forgot to grab it, so here is one I took of off my sister's f.b. page! This is him w/ my little sister Lenora!)

Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you have the best birthday ever! I love you!!

Love, Shel(that is what my parents call me), Jada & Max!!

p.s. It's also my sister Kathy's birthday! She would kill me if I posted pics of her! Happy Birthday Kath!! I love & miss you, wish we lived closer!!! xoxo!

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