Saturday, November 26, 2011

Small business Saturday!

Today is small business Saturday! Please shop local & support your locally owned businesses! I don't think anyone is really happy with the economy right now & one way to change that is to spend your money at Mom & Pop shops! We are tax payers, We have kids in our schools, we own homes & most of all we spend the money we make in our community, all of those things make our economy grow!

Locally owned businesses don't have corporate offices to deal with, we are it, we go out of our way to give you excellent customer service & most of the time we know your name & want to build a relationship.. not just take your money!
I know I feel sooo lucky to have a growing business in a tough economy! I am sooo thankful for all of my customers wether you have been in my shop 100 times or just once! :)

Thank you all for supporting small businesses like mine! My shop is open 10-3 today!! Have a great day! xo!

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