Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bow headbands...

New bow headbands! I am just in love with these!!! I am always happy when I come up with something to make out of the scraps from my wrap skirts. I also am very much obsessed with making bows right now! I can't stop!

The bows are adjustable & slide on the metal headband peice so you can adjust the bow where you want it on your head.

I have plans to make a few of the smaller bows on bobby pins as well.

GUESS WHAT??? I finally found some time to list a few things in my Etsy shop! I have plans on keeping it stocked with accessories & wrap skirts until spring. I know the photos are not the best.. I am in no way a photographer, so I hope you can look past the quality of my photos!

The shop is open 10-4 today! Come on downtown & check out all the new goodies!

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