Monday, September 13, 2010

Renegade Chicago purchases!

I FINALLY made it Renegade Chicago this year! (Saturday actually) We left shortly after a very cold football game that my son Max played in & won! :) He scored the very first touch down and talked about it allll weekend! I am soooo proud of him!

It seriously has been a dream of mine not only to attend but possibly vend at this show. I am thinking that next year I may just have to apply. It was sooo much fun & the BEST part of the day was meeting Elsie from RedVelvetArt & Katie from Skunkboy Creatures! I read both their blogs daily and have been such a fan since finding them online a couple of years ago. They are like my Crafty Rock Stars! :) They were super cute & of course soo sweet! I was akward and embarrassed cause believe it or not I can be shy! I was just so happy afterwards. I forgot my camera so of course did not get any pics. Their booth was soooo adorable!

Here are a few of my purchases...

This sweet ghost from Skunkboy Creatures(I also bought a few of her adorable postcards. Not shown in pics!)

Cute magnets for the kids from MeganLee designs. I also picked a tshirt order from her for the shop! I will show you tomorrow!

The sweetest dress from an LA designer & lunch box not shown. It all came with a cute recycable tote.

This cute print that my daughter Jada picked out from Red Velvet art...

annnd the cutest plush toys. I actually met these ladies at the Summer Craftacular but didn't get over to make a purchase! Max got a bomb as one of the gals told him he was da Bomb! ;) Jada got a sad marshmallow on a stick! So cute!

I will share a few more photos tomorrow. Happy Monday! xo!

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Cari said...

Nice finds! I wanted to go so badly... alas, had to work.