Friday, September 24, 2010

It's a blog party!!! Picture Day!

Hey everyone I had this fun idea to have a blog party today. I have seen it done on a few of my favorite blogs. So here it goes.. I will be blogging a bunch today. Some may be totally random and other posts may be shop related! Join in on the fun & check back! I have soooo much to share it has been a busy delivery week at the shop & I fully charged batteries. So here we go!

I am soooo excited to announce our newest adventure here at dainty daisies...Are you ready??? Vintage clothing. The wonderfuly talented Rebecca of Picture day (from Madison) has agreed to share her talents with us! She finds AMAZING pieces.. right now we have in a select amount of vintage dresses & her oh so adorable appliqued sweaters.

just a few of the beautiful sweaters we have in.. They are all pretty much one of a kind!

annnd are her tags not the cutest??

Come see all of Rebecca's amazing treasures!
Shop hours are 10-5 today!

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