Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I LOVE Fall!

I have to say I am loving this Fall type weather! Finally!! I am not a fan of it being hot and humid! I have been moving things around the shop & ordering lots of new Fall type goodies! I really REALLY wanted to show you the new glitter leaf bobbies I made.. but that darn camera of mine has dead batteries! AGAIN!!!!
I have soooo many new goodies coming in.. I can't wait to share. I am running home after work and charging those batteries so I can show you some of my fav. Fall picks at the shop!

(photo via weheartit.com)

Have a great day! xoxo!

p.s. We are open Tuesdays again 10-5! Yay!!!


Molly said...

Can't wait for your fall line up :)

Missy said...

ME TOO !!!!!!!!

P.S check out my blog for a contest