Monday, September 27, 2010

Record player love!

I have been wanting a record player for awhile now & I didn't have much interest in a new one. I said something to my younger sister & she mentioned that our Grandmother had one she was not using(my Grandmom is going to be 98)It turns out she said I could have it! :) The best part is .. it was my Grandpop's who passed away when I was only 4 a short time after they moved to Wisconsin from New Jersey.

I got it home last night and my husband hooked it all up today! I am seriously in LOVE! I guess my Grandpop saved up all his spare change to buy it back in 1978.. it came with all the original papers and dates.. everything!! I ran to the thrift store and scored a few more records at only 10 cents a peice! I think our favorites are the Disco Fire & The Beegee's! I also scored a Madonna.. Wham & a few others from my 90's childhood! Lol!

Happy Monday! xoxo!

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The Bookish Life said...

seriously awesome! chad and i are crazy about vinyl. we listen to records more than any other form of music (except maybe internet radio when i'm at work.) we have a huge, ridiculous collection!

vinyl just sounds better. and it's more fun. yaaay! i'm so excited for you!