Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Etsy shop & Wisdom teeth...

I know.. totally random right??? Well I survived getting my wisdom teeth out & it was not so bad! I am a little sore today... but I feel really good! I took the day off from the shop to rest and ice my cheeks! ;) I guess I had the hiccups like mad after which is kind of funny & I called my Mom w/ a mouth full of gauze.. that must of made for an interesting conversation! Lol!

I will be back at the shop tomorrow 10-4 . I am trying to get lots done today.. I just posted lots of great new things in my Etsy shop including fancy headbands, clutches, granny purses & not to forget my new headbands for Blythe!

I have plans on keeping my shop full and hopefully if I can get caught up on skirts they will make an appearance soon too! To visit my Etsy shop click here or visit the side bar. :)

Hope your Tuesday is a great one! xoxo!


Sarah said...

I'm glad to hear that someone in the world got through wisdom teeth surgery. I'm going to have to do it soon too and I'm DREADING it. I posted about it today too.

thrifty-fox said...

It is not so bad! I was soooo scared & it went well.. I have been putting it off for years! The worst part of the healing process so far as been the swelling in my face! :(