Monday, February 15, 2010

The Craftacular..

Here are a few pics. of my booth from the Valentine Craftacular..

Thank you.. Thank you to everyone who came out to the Craftacular! Once again I saw many Oshkosh faces! (I love that!!) I also saw some good friends that I don't see often enough and I even ran into an old teacher! I guess that happens when you go back to your old neck of the woods! ;)

I was just sooo happy I didn't break any of my vintage dishes & lamp! What I will do for cute displays! ;)

It was a great show! (Thanks Rebecca of Picture day for taking my picture!)

I have soooo much to do tomorrow.. the shop is a mess and I am thinking about rearranging! Yay! I have sooo many new ideas for spring including a *NEW* skirt design as well as a sundress & cute new accessories. I just have a few things to finish before I can start my new line. I will keep you posted!

Happy Monday!!! xoxo!

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Unknown said...

The booth looks great! How cute :)