Friday, August 22, 2008


The kids and I were off to register them for school yesterday! Max starts kindergarten! :( Where does the time go??? Jada will be in 3rd grade! They were very excited to get pictures taken & find out who their teachers are! Max got to meet his yesterday and she assured him school will be lots of fun! He keeps telling me he thinks school is *boring*! ;) I think he would prefer to go to the shop with me everyday.. he is a Mama's boy for sure!

I just bought some great fallish fabric... new wrap skirts coming soon in curdoroy! I am so excited... I finally found the right weight and prints! I have a bit of a cold! Uuggh & my camera is not working well.. so it may be a bit before I post again!

I will not be at the market tomorrow.. but will see you all next Saturday!

Have a great weekend!

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