Monday, January 19, 2015

Valentine's day inspiration...

I love Valentine's day.. always
have, always will. I think
it's something about pink, red
 & hearts.
It's also a gloomy time of year in
Wisconsin so for me
it just brings a little happiness
& cheer!
I pinned a few simple &
cute ideas that could add some
Valentines love to
your home.

Simple mason jars with
paper doilies, paper hearts &
some bakers twine!
I would add a little tea light for
some simple romantic lighting!

I make these cute garlands all
the time. Mine is
made of felt but you could use
paper, fabric ect.
If you can sew use a simple stitch
to connect them
or you could
glue two hearts on
to string as well.
My husband &
I have this print in our bathroom.
It's a great reminder to
love our relationship.
When I tell him
I love him he sometimes
replies with "I love us"!
We have both been married
before & have figured us out...
we really do love "us"!
**all images found via pinterest.
& the I love us is a
free download. :) **
Enjoy! xo!

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