Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weekend busyness...

I had a busy day yesterday.. My son Max's football game & then I stopped to pick up some pretty flowers for my yard as well as a few new gnomes! Gnomes remind me of my Mom-mom in New Jersey & since she has passed a few years ago I have been wanting to add more to my garden.

Here are a few of my gnomes.. (click on the pics to see them up close)

& the little mushrooms are from Target. I have been back twice now after buying just a few to get more! I love them!!

I picked up this guy yesterday..

I bought lots of pretty flowers for our flower beds in the front of the house.. & a few for my garden as well as the new shop!

I decided to make a few of my yoyo headbands yesterday while watching Army Wives. I am bringing them back for the summer.. they are so cute & I love the mix of fabrics(plus they help me use up my scrap fabric)!

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! It can officially be Summer now.. we made smores last night! :)


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