Friday, May 13, 2011

36 years....Birthday post!

Tomorrow May 14th is my 36th birthday.. I thought it would be fun to make a list of 36 things that I have learned & a little about me.

(This picture was taken in the fall.. (hence my old shop in the pics.)you will see why I picked this photo... )

1. I was born in Southern New Jersey. Most of my family still lives there.. in the Mt. Laurel/Moorestown area.
2. I moved to Wisconsin when I was 4.
3. I grew up in a small town .. Sauk Prairie (which consists of 2 towns Sauk City & Prarie du Sac.
4. I love that my Dad still has some of his New Jersey accent.. it helps that his name is Dominic!
5. I have 2 kids. Jada is 11 & Max is 8. Max has brown eyes like me & Jada has blue like her Dad!
6. I have 2 dogs Dexter (a 9 mo. old pug mix) & Buster (a 8yr. yellow lab mix)
7. I love daisies.. Lol! ;)
8. Daisies happen to be my Mom's favorite flower hence my business name!
9. I tought myself to sew & everything I know about business.
10. I moved to the Fox valley area over 10 yrs. ago
11. I have lived in Colorado (Breckenridge to be exact)
12. I like white wine
13. Being a Mom is the best but most challenging & defintly rewarding! There is nothing like being the most important person in a childs life.
14. I very rarely match my clothes!
15. I used to wear all black & bleach my hair
16. My hair is naturally black
17. I have some O.C.D issues (minor)
18. I am a bit of a neat freak.. but as I get older I have learned to let things go
19. I have 2 half sisters & 1 full sister.. That sound funny!
20. I miss living by my parents!
21. I have owned 3 homes.. including a rental property.
22. Yup.. I used to be a landlord.
23. dainty daisies has changed a lot from it's orginal form.
24. I started dainty daisies 10 years ago as a hobby
25. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer.
26. I would love to move to a huge city like New York.. but am a bit chicken.
27. I LOVE George Michael!
28. I was recently given my Grandpop's record player. It is to date one of my favorite things I own, especially because he passed away when I was 4.
29. I can be a bit picky (which I think makes me a good business owner)
30. I love wearing skirts & dresses. I only own 3 pairs of pants.
31. I could be bare foot all day!
32. I take things personally (alot)
33. I love VINTAGE.. my house is decorated very granny chic as I like to call it!(I think I was born in the wrong era!)
34. I have met soooo many people thru my business & many of them have become great friends!
35. I am currently growing my hair out...(for at least a year without a dramatic cut) I have issues with going & chopping my hair off!
36. & I tell people all the time be true to yourself & Do what you love!

I hope you enjoyed my list! Today is my last day of being 35!
Have a great weekend everyone!!! xo!


Mindy Kuen said...

#35 - I'll believe it when I see it! :)

Happy -almost- birthday!

thrifty-fox said...

I know! I know! ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday 2Morrow.. 2Morrow... I love ya 2Morrow it's only a Day AAAAAWWAAAY!

xoxo- Sue Bob ;)