Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank you! Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came out for gallery walk Saturday night! Jess from Little Dandelion Studios & I had soo much fun.

Look at her adorable set up! I actually remembered to take pics! Yay!!!

I also had a trunk show in Madison on Sunday & I have to say Thank you to everyone who stopped at the glitter workshop.. especially everyone who bought dainty daisies goodies! Yay! I hope you all love them!

I had such a great weekend..and THE PACKERS WON THE SUPERBOWL! I am not a huge fan of football.. but I have to say! I am proud to live in a Wisconsin & have such a great team to support! Go Pack!

Happy Monday all!!! xo!

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5 Letter Design said...

Beautiful and charming. Go team wist!