Wednesday, February 16, 2011

daisy LOVE vintage

My newest adventure... daisy LOVE vintage. I finally did it! I opened a vintage etsy shop. I have been wanting to for sooo long & I am not sure what was holding me back.

I am excited to have a little place to host all my vintage wares. Many of these items are available at my b&m shop until I close in late March.

Here is my new banner.. I love it so much!

I plan on adding a few vintage inspired accessories as well.. like the new star rings!

It will mostly be vintage dresses, housewares & whatever other lovelies I find to add!

I have had a love for vintage most of my life & I am excited to finally make it part of my little business.

If you get a chance head on over to etsy and check it out.. I also will continue to post my handmade goodies in my other etsy shop

Have a great night! xo!

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