Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My shop's last gallery walk.... featuring Laurie Marie

Saturday March 5th is my last gallery walk for the shop! It is bittersweet.. I love gallery walks.. it is such a fun night & the one night a month where downtown Oshkosh is really hopping! ;)

I am excited though for things to come & also very anxious! My featured artist is also my good friend Laurie of Laurie Marie Photography! I am excited to feature Laurie's work.. it will give her the opportunity to meet alot of you & talk to you about moving her studio into my space as of April 1st.

We started setting up things yesterday....

This was a special project she featured at a gallery last winter..

I am so excited to show her work.. which I was asked to be a part of. I am not a model by any means,(laughing loudly) but Laurie made me feel so comftorable & I got to show off one of my many headband styles!

Soooo save the date March 5th 6-9 pm. It will be a crazy night.. I am sure lots of sadness, happiness & anxiety as I get ready to close the brick & mortar part of my business!

Have a great day!! I am off to post a few more dresses in my vintage etsy shop.. and hopefully some new "bloom" headbands tomorrow! I made up a bunch!

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Unknown said...

How nice it is that you know and like the next resident of your current space. I think I would find the comforting.