Thursday, September 3, 2009

I wish everything was Beautiful.....

I read this sweet little blog Rock Star Diaries and it is truly adorable (& they drive a cute beetle)! Anyhow.. This was posted on her site as she is on a break & I really couldn't believe that is totally how I have been feeling lately! So with that.. I am really feel negative forces & I am fighting them in a big way, so to remain positive and happy here are 10 things I am LOVIN' right now! (The pic credits belong to Paper Tissue) which I stumpled upon their Flickr page via Rock Star Diaries... TRULY AMAZING!!! Beautiful work!

10 things I am LOVIN' right now....

1. Quiet mornings
2. my cheap black flip flops
3. the way Buster (my dog)follows me around the house
4. My shop!
5. Fall like mornings and summer like afternoons
6. My small collection of handmade skirts & dresses by Fancy clothing
7. Thrifting
8. vintage plastic flower pots (I will have to show a pic soon! They are adorable!Not the plain kind!)
9. Headbands
10. suisse mocha every morning

I hope your day is beautiful! xoxo!

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Fancy Clothing said...

Get right out! Fancy rates! Michelle makes my day, period.