Monday, December 15, 2008

A book signing & some gingerbread....

The kids and I stopped Friday night at the local book store for a special book signing. A really good customer of mine(has been since I opened my business over 4 years ago) & friend wrote a really sweet childrens book about an experience in her life. I am so proud of her & the book is sooo cute! If you are local head down to Apple Blossom books and pick up a copy! 10% goes to charity.

Here is Jen & The kids! :)

The kids and I also made their very first gingerbread house (we cheated and bought a kit) They still had fun... although Jada had a little cold this weekend and was totally not her noraml creative self! It turned out very cute & they are oh so proud of it!

It is chilly cold today and I have a few appointments.. I am also a little sad my sweet lil' christmas flag on the mailbox blew away last night! (I bought it in New jersey when my Grandma was sick) Anyhow.. I have lots to do today!

Have a warm and cozy day.. if you can!

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