Thursday, June 12, 2008

State of Emergency......

The city of Oshkosh just declared a state of emergency. The whole city is a mess 50-75% of our roads are flooded quite a few in our very own neighborhood. We have been lucky so far just this mess in our backyard. I will keep you posted! The whole state of Wisconsin is being hit hard with heavy rains and tornadoes... My Dad just told me my sister was stuck on The Baraboo hills (south of The Wisconsin Dells) trying to get home in pretty much a mudslide for 3 hours! Keep us all in your prayers everyone will need it! This is the scene around here! (I took this picture from my back door)

(Click on the picture to see it up close.. sorry it is a bit dark)

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Unknown said...

We went into the basement three times last night. Super Crazy. Be careful and I wish your sister the best. All of the roads around that area are closed now!