Monday, June 2, 2008

The perfect weekend....

We had such a great weekend! Jada did great at her recital and even made it in the paper (they took a picture of them at rehearsal.. what could be cooler for an 8 year old) She also had her 2cd softball game. She has graduated from T-ball to Pony league this year! Cool stuff! I am so proud of her!

Jake took the kids fishing and I enjoyed a local flea market that I am so excited about! I even saw my friend Tammy and of course I love her style so most of my money was spent at her booth! I will have to share my goodies soon!

My serger is a bit on the fritz so I m not sure how much sewing I will get done. I do have some new projects I am hoping to work on! :)

Happy Monday!

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Unknown said...

ooh where is this local flea market? Next time I am up in the area I will have to check it out!