Friday, June 6, 2008

Baby birdies.....

We have the sweetest baby birds in a nest in one of my favorite perennials along side our house(luckily the new growth is coming up around the part they built the nest in). They are getting so big! The Mama has been ok with us getting close enought to look.. but defintly not touch! Today they were stretching their wings.. I bet they will be able to fly soon! :) We have a busy weekend ahead of us! Jada is on a feild trip in Milwaukee and today is Max's last day of pre-k 4, then he will join is big sis' in elementary school! My kids are growing sooo fast!

Gallery walk is this Saturday from 6-9 pm, come and check out our featured artist Naomi of
The Glitter Workshop (Madison) and all of her unique handmade items. Everything from scrap cats to gnome clips! I loove it all!

I also want to Congratulate my friend Mindy & her husband Will on their new baby girl Sydney! I can't wait to meet her! Welcome to the world baby Sydney! :)

Have a great weekend!

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