Monday, April 7, 2008

Look at this....

It has been busy around here. First of all THANK YOU soo much to everyone who came out for Gallery walk.. it was awesome. The weather was great and downtown was buzzing. A perfect night.

My weekend was filled with Jada's soccer game, getting ready for gallery walk night and this... painting our bathroom! The pic. does not do it any justice but I thought I would share anyway... it is a beautiful shade of blue. My husband put in a new floor too! I am soo happy with it. Honey you amaze me! ;)

I also made the cute cone thing.. it has been on my dresser for years with just lights on it (it is made up of grapevine underneath) and I got this idea from ArtsyMomma and made it into this! I looove it, and it goes great with my duvet cover and my new jewelry stand(hmhm which was intentionally ordered for the shop!)

I had lunch with my good friend Liz (I did forget my leftovers in a store whoops Lol.) and bought a couple of sun dresses getting ready for my maybe new hair cut. I have the appointment for tomorrow afternoon, but I am a little nervous.

Off to get some cleaning done so I can concentrate on sewing! Hope your week is off to a great start! :)

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