Friday, February 28, 2014

We're going to a chapel....

Happy Friday friends! Wedding
plans are in full swing, we know
exactly what we want so
it seems so relaxed & easy!
Bill just got his suit in &
I have had my dress! :)
It makes me so happy every time
that I open our closet & see them hanging there!
A lot of the wedding is planned but
we have to get invitations done soon.
I am thinking this line from
a Mumford & Son's
song added to a simple invite... this one.
I love the kraft paper with a simple heart!
Our wedding is picnic themed so I
want to keep it very casual & simple.
There will be touches of red but not
too much!

I will be wearing my favorite salt water
sandals! I have been buying a new pair every year
for the past 4 years.. this year will
be red for the wedding!

Thoughts of our wedding in July
are certainly helping me get
through this amazingly long winter!
Stay warm!
Have a great weekend! xo!

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