Friday, April 8, 2011

My week...

My week has been filled with vet appointments, organizing my house & decorating... getting ready for Easter.

I love holidays & try to decorate a little for each holiday something I get from my Mom! ;)

Here is our little Easter tree on our dining room table.. actually where I am typing this from!

I finished the kids nook in our family room. I would love to share more pics but our family room has terrible light. I was sooo excited when I realized the vintage typewriters that I bought for my kids awhile ago came out of their cases. They now have a new home on a desk so my kids can type stories n such.

I am almost done with my sewing room. I still have a little bit to do & then I will be ready to sew. Meanwhile I am working on restocking all of the b&m shops that carry my handmade wares.

and twinkle lights are a must in my studio! ;)

We had Dexter neutered this week. Poor guy.. he has recovered pretty quick. Look how big he is.. he barely fits in his bed that we bought him the day we got him. He will be 9 months old in a week!

p.s. I am having a sale over at my vintage shop daisy LOVE vintage! I have so many new things to list & need to make a little room. I have lots of pretty things for Easter! ;) 15% off your purchase until Sunday at Midnight enter coupon code SPRING

Have a great weekend!

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