Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bedroom makeover inspiration...

I am hoping to give my bedroom a spring/summer makeover. The thing about my house is it is pretty small & there is only 1 way to put the furniture in each room.. so I can't ever rearrange. We have owned our home just over 5 years now & it is time to change things up a bit.

Here are some inspirational pieces I am thinking about for my new bedroom!

I LOVE this reversable duvet from Urban Outfitter's & it has been getting great reviews in blog land!

I love this dresser found on renest! I actually don't need a dresser but I am thinking this is the color I am going to paint my room!

I have been collecting a few of these .. vintage CREWEL pieces. I am thinking a wall of mix matched pieces above my bed in different sizes .. LOVE!!! ( This one is for sale in a shop on etsy)

LOVE love LOVE this room! I have lots of trees in my yard.. I think I will be on the watch for falling branches! ;) It would look soooo cute with christmas lights hanging on them!

OH MY GOSH!! This pillow! If you look close the word LOVE is in paint by number print! I am pretty sure this pretty lil' pillow from Anthropologie is going on my wish list for my birthday next month!

Now just waiting on our tax return! :)

I have big plans today to finish up my home studio & hopefully get some sewing done this weekend! I have two more shops to fully stock & then I can start on my new clothing line! Stay tuned!!

Have a great day! xo!

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