Friday, July 9, 2010

My new sewing room!

I am moving again! I don't like to get to personal on my blog.. but my husband & I had seperated & I moved out for awhile. We are happily back together & have decided to give our house a little makeover. We moved both kids rooms, repainted & I now have a new sewing space! I painted it a fun yellow! I love it! It is not completed yet.. but close!

I think my girls approve of their new space!

I have yet another busy weekend planned.. I will be at the Appleton Farmer's market on Saturday 8-12:30 & we are having a rummage sale at my house on Sunday! Phew.. I better get back to work lots to do! ;)

Have a great weekend!!! xoxo!


skunkboy said...

Your sewing room look sooooo pretty! I need to do some MAJOR organizing in mine soon!

thrifty-fox said...

Thanks Katie! :)

Cari said...

I am so inspired! I just got a new sewing machine, and I want to give her a home. Once I get rid of my organ I'll have plenty of room to set up sewing station. Now will I have my stuff as organized as I saw yours was in your photo? Doubtful, haha.