Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday.. Monday .. Monday...

This Monday is totally trying to defeat me.. I am feeling a bit of crankiness! :( I had a dermatologist appt. this morning! (Won't give ya the details but 6 months ago I had a suspicious mole removed and I had to go back to get 4 more removed, 2 for cosmetic reasons! What a way to start your week off huh??

Then I get home and get all my bills on 1 day.. and it is MONDAY! my C.C. company really sucks and YES it is a bailout bank.. so I am being SCREWED to say the least. I am glad they got billions to only screw over us consumers! Thanks Obama!

Lastly the days is half over and I have been running around.. so the kids and I are going to go see "Where the Wild things are" I loved that book and I have been anticipating the movie.. I REALLY hope it is good!

Oh and we are refinancing our house so once all that is said and done I can pay off that stupid c.c. and be done w/ that bank, but as of now I have to leave it all alone and pay my ridiculous fees!

I hope your monday is a little better than mine.. I am not letting it defeat me though!

p.s. on a much happier note ..I had a headband photo shoot with my friend Carla! Fancy headbands will be back in my etsy shop soon! xo!

Happy Monday! :)

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Fancy Clothing said...

Gaaaa!! Look at all of the sparkly goodness! I think- yup-- I did just start to salivate over these. Dainty Daisies headbands and sushi are the only things worthy of such an effect!