Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy "97th" birthday Grandmom!

Today is my Grandmom's 97th birthday! She is an amazing woman.. and growing up with her living under the same roof most of my life.. I hate to say this but I know I didn't appreciate her enough! She has experienced an amazing life growing up in Philly and then New Jersey and eventually heading west to Wisconsin with my Grandpop. I have always enjoyed her stories and am so thankful for them. She also is an amazing seamstress and I think I inhereted her genes... hehe! I always had beautiful handmade dresses, doll clothes, my barbies even had handmade faux fur jackets & not too metion our halloween costumes always won! ;)

Happy birthday grandmom! I really do love and appreciate you and I am so glad we had Sunday together with our family! xo!

(The pic. on the cake is of her at age 20 in Ocean city N.J.) My uncle had it made... the coolest cake ever!

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! She looks GREAT!!!