Wednesday, July 30, 2008

just need to compain......

I had someone ask me how do I do it all??? Well I can't and that my friends is a realization I am coming to! I am tired, my wrists hurt from crafting & working ALL the time! ,My household is unhappy. I think it is time for me to figure out just how much I can do and be happy! Sewing is my life.. but my kids and family come first and right now I feel like they are suffering!

There is going to be a few changes soon and I will keep you posted on that... but honestly I am taking a small break!

I hope you all understand & I truly appreciate the support from each and every one of you!

Today is live at lunch.. we are open 10-3 come on down and get some local food, listen to some good music & support downtown! :)


Unknown said...

Take a break! You do so much in any given day I am amazed by you!

Naomi said...

i agree... it's time to take a break. sit with a glass of lemonade, in the sun, with your feet up and see what comes to you.

i have been struggling with many things like that the past year or so too and it is very tiring.

of course my carpal tunnel and HUGE belly have made me have to slow down for a while, and it is amazing the things you see when you have to.

xxoo naomi