Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sewing up a storm!

Literally! It was one stormy afternoon.. luckily the weather held off for the farmer's market & live at lunch that is by our shop. It always helps bring in a few new customers.

I have been sewing all afternoon... and just finished these. I have sooo many new ideas but I am struggling with balancing my life right now. I guess I should be happy to find any time to sew.. right???

I love the new market totes. The lemon one is ADORABLE, the tan almost canvas type fabric I scored at the thrift store. It is a really nice weight and gives this tote a natural organic look! I really love the polk a dot totes with the ric rac as well. I am defintly a polk a dot kind of gal!

Okay back to sewing! Enjoy your night! :)

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