Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What a week.... ALREADY & New wrap skirt!

It has been just that kind of week ALREADY! I feel flustered and like I am getting nothing done! Well I am thinking part of it has to do with the weird weather we have been having! Rain EVERYDAY... WHAT! I know we needed it, but it sure puts a damper on our end of summer outings! Well the kids and I went to the FOX CITIES children's museum today! We had a lot of fun... but was it busy! (I am sure the rain had something to do with it ;) I also found some time to post a new skirt and add it to my etsy shop... and take some new pics of an older skirt and renew it! so really two newish (LOL) skirts in my shop! I am getting ready for a garage sale this Friday and I won't be at the market Saturday, My husband has to work! Have a great Tuesday! :)

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