Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Here come the CROWNS ....

I have seen several variations of crowns for kids and I was inspired to create my own after wanting a cute handmade gift for my nephew back in December. I think I finally have tweaked my design enough and made up a little pattern of these cute guys! I am thinking I will sell them only at shows( and the farmers market ), but you never know one may pop up here and there in my shop :) I have had sooo much fun creating them! I finally made Max up one for his birthday hmmhmm which was last month! He loves it~ it is brown with the dog printed front and a big Letter *M* for Max! I know Jada will be next~ I am sure a cheetah(thanks to her love of the cheetah girls) print with sparkly pink will be up for order and a small one for her american girl doll too ;) I hope you all like them! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! ooohh and the elastic in the back makes them somewhat adjustable, I figure will fit a child 3-8 years of age! Yay!

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