Thursday, March 1, 2007

Thrfting Thursday.....

I love my Tuesday and Thursday thrifting adventures~ I get 4 whole hours to myself each week, while Max is in preschool! The little breaks I get are much appreciated :) I picked up Max today to find hime covered in colored spots! too cute~ they have a class pet (stuffed dog) and his name is Spots~ I guess they all got to close and his spots jumped right off onto the children! Lol! Max attends a christian preschool, that we have grown to love, Jada went there for two years and still talks about it! Tomorrow is Dr. Suess's birthday and the kids have been talking about him at school~ what would we do with out Dr. Suess books :) They make me smile & so do these really cool treasures I found today! beautiful vintage fabric, buttons (check out the ones with the anchors ) a cute vintage pitcher~ that has the best orange cover! I also found this awesome set of vintage dishes! The entire set was marked down to $3.95 can you believe it! I have been working on some new smock tops (inspired by a vintage pattern) I just finished a custom order so check out my etsy shop, I will list some soon!

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