Wednesday, March 14, 2007

♥ EASTER on the WAY ♥

I have to admit ... I love holidays! My Mom used to decorate for all of the different holidays and I well.... have taken on that with my own children. I sometimes go a little over the top~ especially at christmas and valentines day! I think the kids really like it and it makes our house so happy :) LOL! I have decided to take a sewing break (well for today anyway) I worked on a few lil' projects for myself... The cute table runner,(That I must admit, I am pretty proud of) I made myself a new keychain(my old one has seen better days~ the new one has a gnome and some funky green fabrics (oooh maybe you will see some keychains pop up at my shows :) On my list of things to do...... New curtains and shams for our bedroom, A curtain to go over the toy shelf in the family room ... A pillow with some of Jada & Max's art work & some handmade easter gifts!Whew, better get started! I have posted some more easter inspired pony tail holders in my shop! Better get to work~ on my list! lol! Have a spectacular day! :)

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